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  • dolphin hydrofoil pwc

    "Dolphin Hydrofoil Personal Watercraft". Front and rear hydrofoils act as underwater wings, lifting the main hull of the craft above the water, increasing efficiency and the maximum achievable speed beyond the capabilities of a traditional jet ski. The elliptical front hydrofoil provides continuous lift, while enabling the rider to execute high speed banked turns. At speed, the craft seemingly flies above the water rather than skipping across its surface. The impeller, embedded in the central dagger board of the craft, provides continuous thrust while the lift generated by the hydrofoils absorbs the majority of speed-robbing turbulence from surface waves. As the craft decelerates, the hydrofoils sink and the craft comes to rest on its hull. The 3D computer model was made using Rhino and rendered in Flamingo. Click here for more rendered images.

    Featured in several tech blogs, including Gizmodo, Trendhunter, Born Rich, and Neo Teo.

  • terra firma swift shelter

    The "Terra Firma Swift Shelter" is an emergency prefab shelter. The 3D model was created with Rhino and rendered using Flamingo.

  • Farsa

    Farsa: A proposal for the reconstruction of an abandoned village on the island of Kefalonia, Greece. The design focused on preserving the original self-contained nature of the village while accommodating a community of local residents and visiting ecotourists. Modeled using Google Sketchup.

  • teaset CAD model

    3D model used to produce stereolithography prints in ABS plastic and paths for waterjet cutting of metal components in final concept model of A Precious Vessel. Modeled using Rhino.

  • modbike rc toy design

    This "Modbike" remote-controlled toy was modeled in Rhino and rendered using Flamingo.